3 Top Mobile Apps For Business Analysts

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Have you ever thought you should make the most of your smart phone or tablet – especially when you have time inbetween meetings and appointments when you’re not at your desk? We’ve got the 3 top mobile apps for business analysts from Josh Maxwell who undertook some great research for BATimes recently and I just had to share.


From the article  10 Top Apps for the Business Analyst – we have picked out the top 3 FREE Apps to download:-

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1. BA Glossary – This app is a great reference for definitions of BA tools, techniques, and terms. It’s helpful when you need to look up a new term quickly or if you simply want to browse and review. It features an intuitive search function that narrows the results as you type which is helpful when you don’t know exactly which word you’re looking for. Its simple layout and multitude of terms makes this app an efficient tool for any BA. Available free in the Apple App Store.

2. Polaris Office – This app allows you to view, create, and edit Microsoft Office products such as PowerPobusiness analyst polaris app ba simplified int, Excel, and Word. You can also view PDF documents. Using share capabilities, you can send documents to cloud storage services like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. The app also syncs to multiple mobile devices. Available in Google Play and the Apple App Store.


business analyst camcard app ba simplified 3. CamCard – This app eliminates the need to save business cards by allowing you to categorize them in custom groups. It uses your phone’s camera to capture the card, extract the name, title, and contact information so that it can be stored in the app. It also retains the image of the card. You can also choose to export the information directly into your phone contacts. Available directly and in Google Play and the Apple App Store.
Young business woman standing in front of an office building business analyst basimplified


This is part of the list identified by  Josh Maxwell, Senior Business Analyst at The Cincinnati Insurance Company. He did a deep dive research article, and identified 10 apps. If you’d like to get the rest of the list – and read his article in full, click here.


150 Chika headshotBA Simplified can help you to discover the most critical business analyst skills – in a simplified form so you can get the edge. We are here to make becoming and excelling in business analysis as simple and easy to understand and implement.  We also help organisations to implement effective business analysis practices in delivering successful projects.

Let us know if you found this useful – and what you would add. We’d appreciate the feedback!

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