8 Confidence Tips for the Newbie Business Analyst

business analyst ba simplified woman computer stressed

Any new job will be nerve wracking – but as a newbie business analyst, it is your role to make sure you get your people on side, and quickly.  A large part of the Business Analyst role is relationship building, and first impressions make lasting impressions.

business analyst ba simplified woman computer stressed

Can you take some inspiration from these top tips by experienced BA, writing in the BA TimesRacquel Ellis:-

1. Come to the job armed with a set of tools and techniques that you can readily transform into something of value to business analyst ba simplified woman in chargeimmediately show your stakeholders that they made the right decision when they chose you for the job.

2. Be prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty.

3. Be of no reputation.

4. Complete company sponsored courses that will help you to understand more about the business.

5. Become genuinely interested in team members and their roles at all levels.

6. Know when to keep silent and start by asking questions.

7. Accept when you’re wrong.

8. Be appropriate, functional and relevant.

And I will add #9 – Get a coach. Having someone around who you can learn from will accellerate your learning curve, and make the transition so much easier – you can go from newbie Business Analyst to expert much more quickly.

You can read the article in full here.


150 Chika headshotBA Simplified can help you to discover the most critical business analyst skills – in a simplified form so you can get the edge. We are here to make becoming and excelling in business analysis as simple and easy to understand and implement.  We also help organisations to implement effective business analysis practices in delivering successful projects.

Let us know if you found this useful – and what you would add. We’d appreciate the feedback!

 Chika Oyinlade


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