Using LEGO® as a requirements elicitation technique


How do you have LEGO® and serious in the same sentence, well LEGO® Serious Play® is actually a method that has been around for a while. It is a powerful thinking, communication and problem solving technique that helps teams reach the core requirements; through structured play activities using the popular and playful modelling toy.
The advantage of having this as part of your arsenal as a Business analyst, is that when people come into your workshop and see legos, they subconsciously let their guard down as the thought of having some fun gets people just a bit comfortable and relaxed and that’s when the creative juices are likely to flow more easily.
I haven’t personally used this technique but definitely will be looking into opportunities to learn more about it as I can fully see the benefits in requirements elicitation.
By engaging your fingers and your brain at the same time somehow allows you to be more creative and it focuses people on explaining their thoughts through the models they have built. It focuses people on the ideas that are most important to people as the exercises are time-boxed.

The LSP really ensures that all the participants contribute to the conversation.
The approach is that a facilitator leads a group of people through a fast-paced series of building exercises in response to a few well-chosen questions focused on a problem, opportunity, or new idea. Everyone is asked to build for a few minutes and then they need to The premises is that you have all the right stakeholders in the room (including developers, business users, etc) and begin with some warm up activities to get people comfortable and talking about the key components of the system, what they expect from system and with the right key people in the room they begin to build a shared landscape of the solution.
According to Oliver Schirok in his presentation “Exploring user requirements with Lego”, the basic principles are;

• Think with your hands
• The model is your answer to the question/challenge
• Use Lego bricks as metaphors
• Listen with your eyes
• Focus on the models, not the people

What I love most about this method, is the fact that everyone is heard.

This technique really enables teams to focus on the WHO and the WHY of why we are trying to solve the problem, or pursue an opportunity. This provides the essential context of introducing a new solution.
It gets participants talking to each other as each participant can ask questions about the other’s model.

Have you used this technique or been part of the process? Share your experience; I’ll love to hear more!


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